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ASKAP Community Workshop

10:00 Wed 24 Oct to 16:00 Thu 25 Oct 2018


CASS will host an ASKAP Community Workshop on Wednesday Oct 24 and
Thursday Oct 25 to review progress through the Early Science program and to
facilitate planning of ASKAP Pilot Surveys in 2019. The workshop will include
updates from CASS staff on the technical issues of relevance for planning
Pilot Surveys, and reports from each of the Survey Science Teams.
Aims of the meeting include discussing the technical feasibility of preliminary
survey strategies, compiling a list of capabilities that the ASKAPsoft image
processing pipeline will need to support and capturing any outstanding areas
of ASKAP's performance that require further characterisation. This will allow
CASS to prioritise development activities for the future. We also aim to identify
short observations that can be made to test aspects of technical feasibility that
require further verification.​

There will be ample opportunity for discussions between Survey Science Teams
regarding potential commensal observations as part of the pilot surveys.

The program will start at 10am on Oct 24th and will conclude by 4pm on Oct 25th.
For more details, follow the link below.

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Phil Edwards

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