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Marcin Glowacki (IDIA/University of the Western Cape)

Marcin Glowacki Colloquium: From HI absorption surveys to simulations for SKA Pathfinder surveys

The Australia Telescope National Facility Colloquium
15:00-16:00 Wed 01 May 2019

Marsfield lecture theatre


In this talk, I will first summarise my Ph.D. thesis work focusing on two HI absorption surveys. One was undertaken with the ATCA, targetting nearby (z < 0.1) compact radio galaxies, thought to represent young or retriggered radio AGN. The second was during early science commissioning with the ASKAP-BETA prototype array towards dust-obscured quasars, which represent a transitional stage in galaxy evolution.

In the second half of my talk, I will introduce LADUMA, the Looking At the Distant Universe with the MeerKAT Array HI emission survey. To assist the analysis of this survey I present early results of working with the cosmological hydrodynamic MUFASA and SIMBA simulations. This includes the development of a new tool, pyloser, to compute galaxy photometry and spectra from simulations for individual galaxies, and an investigation of the Baryonic Tully Fisher relationship. This work will assist not only with the interpretation and analysis of the LADUMA survey results, but additionally test galaxy formation and evolution models, and benefit other SKA precursor science surveys.


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