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Anna Kapinska (National Radio Astronomy Observatory (NRAO))

Anna Kapinska Special Colloquium: Lifecycles and environments of radio galaxies

The Australia Telescope National Facility Colloquium
15:00-16:00 Thu 22 Aug 2019

Marsfield Lecture Theatre


The activity of radio galaxies is now understood as a key ingredient in the evolution of galaxies and galaxy clusters across cosmic time, yet there are still many unknowns regarding the kinetic AGN feedback, and the lives and growth of these radio sources. In this talk I will focus on two aspects of this broad subject: the intermittent activity of radio galaxies and their interaction with environments as imprinted on their radio morphology (hybrid morphology and asymmetric radio sources). Although detailed analyses of these rare radio sources come predominantly from dedicated extensive follow up programs, which I will present in this talk, the sources were preselected from all-sky radio surveys. I will discuss the need of new, deep, wide-field versatile radio galaxy samples from the new generation radio facilities, and the importance of citizen science projects and emerging machine learning algorithms in the classifications of radio sources from large all-sky radio surveys.


Andrew Cameron

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