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CASS set to support RadioNet3 Program

CSIRO Astronomy and Space Science is partnering in the major new EU Framework 7 (FP7) proposal for “RadioNet3”. “RadioNet3” continues the successful RadioNet programmes which network all major radio observatories covering the frequency range of 10 MHz to 1 THz in Europe and beyond.

RadioNet3 will involve 25 partners contributing effort to 18 different work packages. These work packages comprise 7 Networking activities, 9 programmes to facilitate trans-national access to radio observatories and 4 Joint Research Activities (JRAs).

RadioNet3 builds on the success of two preceding RadioNet programs in which CASS participated – notably through the Joint Research Activities of RadioNet FP5 FARADAY and RadioNet FP6 PHAROS. RadioNet3 now includes support of activities forALMA and the four pathfinders for the SKA (LOFAR, ASKAP, WRST(Apertif) and MeerKAT ).

CASS participation in RadioNet3 will be with Phil Diamond as Principal Contact, Robert Braun as Science Contact and with Phil Crosby handling contractual and planning aspects.

CASS will contribute to two key work packages, namely WP2 Questions on Structuring European Radio Astronomy (QueSERA), and WP3 - Science Working Group (SWG). CSIRO's contribution will span four years and is valued at €70,000. Options remain for CASS to participate in other aspects of RadioNet3 including training and conferences, as well as keeping abreast of the technology work packages in the JRAs.

The RadioNet3 Program Managers are currently completing the contract negotiations with the EC, with the first draft of the Description of Work submitted to the EC in May, 2011.

For more information on RadioNet see

Added by Tony Crawshaw on 2011-09-02

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