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Dr Juergen Ott (ATNF)

Dwarf Galaxies: The ISM-IGM Connection - Dr Juergen Ott Colloquium

The Australia Telescope National Facility Colloquium
15:30-16:30 Wed 23 Oct 2002

ATNF Marsfield Lecture Theatre


Starburst-driven superwinds in galaxies have the potential to
transport interstellar material (ISM) to the intergalactic medium
(IGM). The mechanism is expected to be a function of the gravitational
potential of the host galaxy, low mass galaxies being more likely to
lose mass in an outflow. The driving force of galactic superwinds is
hot gas with temperatures of T ~ 10^{6-7} K. The gas is heated up
by the energetic input of stellar winds and multiple supernovae and
can be detected in X-ray emission. Based on observations with the
Chandra X-ray observatory we analyzed the properties of the hot phase
within a sample of nearby dwarf starburst galaxies. We will discuss
the possibility of metal-enriched, hot gas to escape from the
gravitational potentials of their hosts and, in turn, enriching the
intragroup/intergalactic medium.

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