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Professor Benjamin J. Eggleton (Director -- CUDOS)

Purpose and Scope of the Research Programof CUDOS - Professor Benjamin J. Eggleton Colloquium

The Australia Telescope National Facility Colloquium
15:30-16:30 Mon 28 Apr 2003

ATNF Marsfield Lecture Theatre


This presentation will review the purpose and scope of the research program
of CUDOS, an ARC Centre of Excellence established in January 2003. CUDOS is
a collaborative project combining the established expertise of researchers
at the University of Sydney, ANU, Macquarie University, Swinburne
University, the University of Technology, Sydney and CSIRO. It also builds
on research links with photonics research groups at other Australian
universities and CRCs, and with international partners such as Bell Labs and
OFS Laboratories in the USA, and CNRS in France.

The vision of CUDOS is to develop the experimental and theoretical expertise
to design and build linear and nonlinear all-optical signal processing
devices, and to miniaturize these, leading to a "photonic chip" ? believed
to be the building blocks for the next generation of optical systems. The
miniaturization is a technical advance that is the photonic equivalent of
the great leap forward that occurred in electronics when bulky, inefficient
thermo-ionic valves and tubes were replaced by small, cheap, mass-produced
integrated circuits and computer chips. Such miniaturization will be
achieved using a range of novel optics, including photonic crystals,
microphotonic structures, microstructured optical fibers, nonlinear photonic
materials and will rely on advanced fabrication techniques, new material
systems and possibly entirely new principles.

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