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Peter Lamb (CSIRO Mathematical and Information Sciences)

Grid Computing - the Virtual Observatory

The Australia Telescope National Facility Colloquium
17:30-19:30 Mon 11 Aug 2003

Building E6A Macquarie University


The talk will look at the application of Grid Technology to Astronomy; the concept of a Virtual Observatory where collections of astronomical data, astronomical data processing software, and even astronomical instruments are to be brought together from sites around the would to form a seamless data search, acquisition and analysis system for astronomers.

The problems that this generates in modelling the data and computation resources and demands, and the composition of resources to meet demands will be addressed.

Peter Lamb is leader of the Grid Computing group in CSIRO Mathematical and Information Sciences. The groups main project is in the area of the
provision of scientific data access and data processing services in Virtual Observatories, an application of Grid technologies to astronomy, in particular data modelling and data reduction for Radio Interferometry data.

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