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Dr Andre Fletcher (Shanghai Astronomical Observatory)

Radio-loud AGN Surveys, Black Hole Magnetosphere Theories, and Sgr A* Variability - Dr Andre Fletcher Colloquium

The Australia Telescope National Facility Colloquium
11:00-12:00 Thu 20 Oct 2005

ATNF Marsfield Lecture Theatre


It is now believed that supermassive black holes (SMBHs) reside
within the centers of most galactic bulges; those galaxies which
harbor `Active Galactic Nuclei' (AGNs) may provide us with the
more obvious examples of central engines powered by such
putative SMBHs. In the period 1990-2005, the speaker has had the
opportunity to work on 3 independent projects, each of which is
concerned with fundamental questions in this challenging
research area, for example:-

(1) Where are these `active' SMBHs, in our universe?,
(2) How do these SMBH engines work, in astrophysics terms?, and
(3) Can we even understand Sagittarius A*, the closest SMBH to us?

Some preliminary results from these ongoing projects are
presented, but many questions remain unanswered, and
clear insights have been difficult to pin down -- only the
surface of these mysteries has been scratched.
(This talk in part aims to give a `behind-the-scenes' retrospective
look into some of the scientific motivations, chance meetings,
and challenges, encountered by the speaker in a personal odyssey
spanning 5 countries, and 3 decades).

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