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Dr Robert Williams (Space Telescope Science Institute & Joint ATNF/AAO Visiting Scientist)

High Resolution Emission-Line Spectroscopy - Dr Robert Williams Colloquium

The Australia Telescope National Facility Colloquium
15:30-16:30 Wed 15 Mar 2006

ATNF Marsfield Lecture Theatre


Traditional emission-line analyses are based on relative intensities, which require only moderate spectral resolution. High spectral resolution offers the additional information of line profiles and weak line detection, and mechanisms are being developed that incorporate these data into the analyses. The results from several high resolution, high S/N studies will be presented that bear on (1) CNO abundance discrepancies, and s-process elements in PNe, and (2) anomalous features of novae spectra that may be explained by the Quadratic Zeeman effect.

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