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Detecting the Epoch of Reionization

19:00-01:00 Wed 18 Dec 2002

ATNF Marsfield Lecture Theatre




<li> Frank Briggs (20m)
- Introduction
- Spectral signature
- Spatial scales
<li> Bill Erickson (30m)
- Galactic foreground
- LNA design
- previous experience
- ideas
<li> Dick Ferris (15m)
- astronomy at low frequencies
<li> Tasso Tzioumis (15m)
- spectrum allocation at 100-200 MHz
<li> Carole Jackson (15m)
- discrete source foreground
<li> Bob Sault (15m)
- Interference mitigation techniques
<li> Ravi Subrahmanyan (15m)
- experimental methods - I
<li> Frank Briggs (15m)
- experimental methods - II
<li> Other items
- 74 MHz Parkes observations
- Discussion of role of LOFAR/SKA
- input to LOFAR science meeting in Jan
- Funding


Lister Staveley-Smith

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