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Australian input to the Level-0 SKA Science case

03:00-07:00 Tue 16 Sep 2003

ATNF Marsfield Lecture Theatre


Part of this meeting will recap the outcomes from Geraldton and the updates to the overall SKA science case. However, the majority of the meeting will discuss input to the level-0 SKA science case with the following aims:

1. To review the emerging level-0 science drivers (from Geraldton),

2. To consider the level-0 submissions so far and identify if we should be adding to these proposals,

3. To identify any missing level-0 science and ensure that proposals are submitted by 1 October.

There will be the following brief contributions:

Brian Schmidt, ANU: 'Australian LOFAR science options'
Steve Curran, UNSW: 'Constraints to fundamental constant variability'
Ravi Subrahmanyan, ATNF: 'CMB measurements'
Chris Blake, UNSW: 'Large scale surveys, acoustic peaks & dark energy'
Elaine Sadler, Sydney: 'An intermediate Australian telescope for large-scale HI surveys at low z'


Carole Jackson

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