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Australian SKA simulation meeting

18:00 Tue 09 Dec to 11:00 Wed 10 Dec 2003

ATNF Marsfield Lecture Theatre



The purpose of the meeting is to discuss a current status of
simulations and future plans. The meeting will include a number
of oral presentations 15-30 minutes each and informal discussions.
The attendees of the Geraldton meeting are expected to give updates
to their work. Any talks on the SKA/LOFAR simulations as well as
the basic interferometry simulations are welcome. Although the
meeting is mainly aimed at Australian SKA simulators if anyone from
overseas is interested or able to attend, they would be most


The meeting is open to all interested parties, those interested in
different aspects of interferometry simulations (not necessarily
SKA/LOFAR related) will be most welcome. Please indicate your
intention (if you haven't done it yet) to participate the meeting
even if you don't plan to give a talk. This will help to estimate
the number of attendees. I ask those people who want to present a
talk to e-mail me ( a tentative title
of the presentation as soon as possible. The list of confirmed talks
below will be updated to give people more information about the
range of topics to be discussed. I would ask also all speakers to
send me a short abstract of the talk by December, the 2nd, to
finalize the program and make some printed material for all

Confirmed talks (titles are tentative):

LOFAR/SKA updates (Ray Norris)
Hardware simulation tools (Dick Ferris)
What does the radio sky look like at SKA sensitivities? (Carole Jackson)
Dynamic range of the SKA images (Maxim Voronkov)
SSWG report (Steven Tingay)
Astrophysics in a can: Simulating sources and RFI (Richard Ogley)
RFI simulations (Daniel Mitchell)
Performance/cost simulation for concept design (Peter Hall)
SKA surface brightness sensitivity (Mark Wieringa)
Software Correlation and Baseband recording (Craig West)
Tomography for LOFAR and SKA (George Warr)


Maxim Voronkov

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