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EoR Journal Club - The Dark Age of the Universe and a Galaxy at z=10

01:00-03:00 Wed 17 Mar 2004

ATNF Basement Meeting Room


The first meeting of the ATNF/AAO Epoch of Reionisation (EoR) Journal
Club is scheduled for 12.30pm on Tuesday (16 March). The two papers
currently scheduled for discussion are:

The Dark Age of the Universe
(Miralda-Escude 2003, Science 300, 1904)
[Presented by Juergen Ott, ATNF]

AND ISAAC/VLT Observations of a lensed galaxy at z=10
(Pello et al. 2004, A&A 416, L35)
[Presented by Rob Sharp, AAO]

Electronic copies of both papers are available on the web at

Teleconferencing will be available on x4613

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Aaron Chippendale

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