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Origin of Radio Galaxies Investigated with HI observations and Optical Spectroscopy - Bjorn Emonts - Lunch Talk

01:00-03:00 Fri 04 Feb 2005

ATNF Basement Meeting Room


Mergers and interaction events are often invoked to trigger AGN activity. In order to investigate this we are studying a complete sample of nearby radio galaxies with HI and optical spectra. I will present some preliminary results like the presence of large disks of HI (with sizes up to 200 kpc and masses of about 10^10 M_sun) around some of the compact radio sources. It is striking that the extended radio sources in our sample show no such amounts of extended HI. For one of the compact radio sources in our sample (B2 0648+27) I will also present initial results from the study of the stellar population. This galaxy is a good example for which we can carefully study the time-scales involved in the merger processes. In addition I will present the results obtained for the radio galaxy 3C293 in the study of the the relation between AGN activity and ISM in the very nuclear region.


Kate Brooks

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