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VACANCY - Bolton Postdoctoral Fellowship

Applications are invited for the Bolton Fellowship, a three year post-doctoral appointment at the ATNF, Australia's premier radio astronomical facility. Bolton Fellows are encouraged to undertake research and/or development in any area relevant to ATNF observational capabilities.

Bolton Fellowships may be held at any of the major ATNF locations: the Sydney Headquarters at the Radiophysics Laboratory, the Parkes 64m telescope, or the Narrabri Compact Array. The Parkes telescope has receivers that operate in bands between 70cm and 12mm, including multibeam receivers at 20-cm and 6 GHz. The AT Compact Array (ATCA) has a 6km east-west baseline with a 214m north-south spur and operates in seven bands between 20cm and 3mm; a new 2GHz broad-band correlator will be commissioned in 2008. The Mopra 22-m telescope is now remotely operated; its 8GHz broad-band correlator allows astronomers to observe multiple spectral lines in, eg., the 3mm window (83 to 118 GHz). The ATNF is also working on strategic Square Kilometre Array (SKA) research and is currently developing the Australian SKA Pathfinder (ASKAP) based on wide field focal plane arrays.

Applicants must have (or will shortly satisfy the requirements for) a PhD degree in astronomy, astrophysics or related disciplines.

A discretionary research allowance of about $24K over the three-year term will be available to the successful candidate together with assistance with relocation and other benefits.

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Added by Jennifer Lee on 2008-09-03

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