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Astroinformatics School

Wed 15 Apr to Fri 17 Apr 2009

Sydney University


Astroinformatics School
Computational skills and techniques for modern astronomy

Sponsored by the ASA
April 15th - 17th 2009

Registration is now open for the Astroinformatics School.
This year we are happy to have the support of the ASA, as well as

* The Australia Telescope National Facility
* The University of Western Australia
* The Australian National University and SkyMapper
* The University of Sydney
* The Anglo Australian Observatory

Computational techniques are becoming increasingly important in
astronomy. The aim of the Astroinformatics School is to support the
development of these skills in our current and future generation of
astronomers. The School will consist of lectures and practical
all tailored to astronomy applications.

The intended audience is postgraduate students and other interested
astronomers. We also encourage honours students to attend.
This is a great opportunity to develop or update your IT skills!

This year there will also be a special session on the ATNF Spectral
Analysis Package (ASAP). This will consist of an introductory lecture
as well as a hands-on tutorial session. The tutorial session will have
local expert ASAP users on hand to help you work through several tasks
from simple step-by-step data reduction commands to more advanced
python scripting as well as specialised tasks such as lag flagging and
exporting data to GILDAS format.

Please see our website for more information

Tara Murphy (on behalf of the SOC)

More information


Kate Brooks

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