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Mopra MALT 90-GHz Meeting

19:00 Thu 04 Jun to 06:00 Fri 05 Jun 2009

ATNF Marsfield Lecture Theatre


The Millimetre Astronomers Large-area multi-Transition (MALT) Team is an international group of astronomers proposing to perform a large new survey with the Mopra telescope. The 90 GHz team is proposing to
use the unique capability of Mopra to map thousands of star-forming
cores in 16 molecular lines simultaneously. This project will
allow an unprecedented study into the physical and chemical conditions
of star-forming cores. This meeting will discuss the goals of the
upcoming pilot study and discuss strategies for the upcoming
survey proposal. We will review the science case and discuss
options for source selection and observing strategies.

Anyone interested in this project is welcome to attend.

Please contact Kate Brooks if you wish to attend the meeting using tele- or video-conferencing.

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Kate Brooks

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