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AstroFest 2009 + 3rd ATNF Gravitational Wave Workshop

18:00 Thu 10 Dec to 10:00 Sat 12 Dec 2009

ATNF Marsfield Lecture Theatre


AstroFest 2009 will be held on December 10th, in the Lecture Theatre, ATNF Marsfield. Additionally, it will be immediately followed by the 3rd ATNF Gravitational Wave Workshop on December 11th. So please make these days available in your diary/calendar.

The aim of AstroFest is to highlight new and/or groundbreaking scientific results from the ATNF telescopes (ATCA, Parkes, Mopra, LBA and ASKAP). It provides an opportunity for students, post-docs and astronomers from all walks of life to share their discoveries and experiences with the rest of the community. Talks will be 10-15 minutes in length with 5 minutes for questions/answers. Lunch and coffee/tea breaks will be provided for all Astrofest participants.

The Gravitational Wave workshop is open to all and will contain talks/discussion on millisecond pulsar timing and gravitational wave astrophysics. Please contact George if you wish to present a talk at this workshop.

Gravitational Wave workshop site: <a href=""></a>

If you wish to participate as a speaker or as part of the audience, please register by November 20th so that we can prepare the programme and catering for the event.


Emil Lenc (AstroFest 2009) and George Hobbs (3rd Gravitational Wave Workshop).

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Emil Lenc

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