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ATNF Colloquium by Dr. Anja Schroeder

15:30-17:00 Wed 10 Apr 2002

ATNF Marsfield Lecture Theatre


<LI> 10 Apr: <b>Anja Schroeder</b> (University of Leicester, UK)<BR>
<em>``Multi-wavelength Studies of Large Scale Structures in the Southern Zone of Avoidance''</em> <BR>

About 25% of the optical extragalactic sky is obscured by the dust and
stars of our Milky Way. Dynamically important structures might still lie
hidden in this zone. Various approaches are presently being employed to
uncover the galaxy distribution in the Zone of Avoidance but all suffer
from different limitations and selection effects.<BR>
I will discuss the possibilities of extragalactic large-scale studies
behind the southern Zone of Avoidance using complementary multi-wavelength
data from optical, systematic blind HI, and near-infrared (NIR) surveys. I
will present results of a comparison of galaxies identified in the rich
low-latitude cluster Abell 3627 in the B-band with NIR data, and
cross-identifications of galaxies detected with the blind Parkes HI
Multibeam survey with NIR data -- many of which are optically invisible.

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