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ATNF Colloquium by Prof. Richard Wielebinski

15:30-17:00 Wed 24 Apr 2002

ATNF Marsfield Lecture Theatre


<LI> 24 Apr: <b>Richard Wielebinski</b> (MPIfR Bonn, Germany) <BR>
<em>``Warm Gas and Cold Dust in Galaxies plus Project APEX''</em><BR>
The recent years have seen the closing of the window between radio ast
ronomy and far infrared observations. Several telescopes exist capable of sub-mm
wavelength observations, more are under construction. Radio astronomy at cm wav
elengths studies thermal (free-free) emissions from hot gas and non-thermal radi
ation from magnetic fields and relativistic electrons. When we move into the mm
wavelengths range we can study many molecular lines as well as emission from col
d dust. At sub-mm wavelengths the lines become a forest and the continuum emissi
on comes from warm dust. <BR>
I will describe studies of nearby galaxies with the Pico Veleta 30m tele
scope, the Plateau de Bure mm-wave interferometer and the HHT telescope on Mt.Gr
aham. Considerable progress has been made in the field of study of warm CO gas a
nd cold dust in these galaxies. I will describe the project APEX, a 12m pathfind
er radio telescope for sub-mm wavelengths to be constructed on the Chajantor sit
e at the elevation of 5050m. I will also mention briefly the present status of t
he ALMA project.

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