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ATNF Colloquium by Dr. Russ Taylor

15:30-17:00 Wed 19 Jun 2002

ATNF Marsfield Lecture Theatre


<P><LI> 19 June: <b>Russ Taylor</b> (University of Calgary) <BR>
<em>``The International Galactic Plane Survey''</em> <BR>
The Dominion Radio Astrophysical Obseratory (DRAO) has completed a
5-year observing project to image the radio emission from a 70 degree
section of the Galactic Plane as part of the Canadian Galactic
Plane Survey (CGPS). The DRAO observations provide simultaneous
radio continuum images at two wavelengths, 74 cm and 21 cm, and
spectral line images of the 21-cm line of neutral atomic
hydrogen. This survey formed part of an international
collaboration to create a database, within the CGPS region, of
arcminute scale resolution, high spatial dynamic range images of
all major components of the interstellar medium (ISM). The
data reveal wide-spread features and process in the interstellar
medium that are not readily visible by other means, including, for
example, unusual atomic hydrogen structures related to the
vertical transfer of matter and radiation between the disk
and halo of the Galaxy, Faraday rotation structures that
allow study of the magnetic field and diffuse ionized component
in the plane of the Galaxy, and a highly-structured, cold atomic
phase of the neutral medium that may provide a link between global
shock phenomena in the Galaxy and the formation of molecular
clouds. ....


Baerbel Koribalski

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