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Should we bottle interstellar alcohols? - Joe Bloggs Colloquium

15:30-17:30 Mon 01 Apr 2002

ATNF Marsfield Lecture Theatre


</p><table width="100%" border="0"><tr align="center"><td><h2>Joe Bloggs</h2></td></tr><tr align="center"><td><p>University of Bloggdonia</p></td></tr><tr align="center"><td><h3>Should we bottle interstellar alcohols?</h3></td></tr></table><p>The existence of interstellar clouds of alcohol molecules offers some unique commercial opportunities. The alcoholic beverages market is currently experiencing a glut of products, yet there remains very little product differentiation. Despite the expenses and time involved in capturing and storing interstellar clouds, it is likely that the costs will be recouped through the premium that can be charged on cosmic substances.

My research has been towards locating suitable sources of interstellar alcohol through the use of the Parkes radiotelescope. I will present my preliminary results and discuss the potential for the Australian space and brewery industries to become involved in this project.

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Roopesh Ojha

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