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Australian Astronomy MNRF Symposium

22:00 Tue 08 Jun to 10:00 Wed 09 Jun 2004

ATNF Marsfield Lecture Theatre


This symposium will review highlights and progress on the Australian Astronomy MNRF, including Gemini and SKA, and will discuss future plans for the MNRF projects.

Lunch will be provided by ATNF.

Background: The Australian Astronomy MNRF (Major National Research Facility) was funded in 2002 with the goal of maximising Australia's engagement in next generation telescopes at both radio and optical/infrared wavelengths. To achieve this, it has purchased an additional Australian share of Gemini, and has funded SKA technology development, including upgrades to the ATCA and MOST.

As it approaches the end of its second year of operation, the MNRF board, or AABoM (Australian Astronomy Board of Management), is holding a joint meeting with the Australian Gemini Steering Committee (AGSC) and the Australian SKA Consortium (ASKAC). This symposium is being held in connection with that joint meeting, and is sponsored jointly by AABoM, AGSC, and ASKAC.

Organising Committee: Ray Norris (MNRF), Gary Da Costa (AGSC), Michelle Storey (ASKAC)

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