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Federation Fellow Celebration

06:00-11:00 Sat 14 Jun 2008

ATNF Marsfield Lecture Theatre


For the last five years Dick Manchester and Ron Ekers have undertaken significant and exciting scientific research at the ATNF as part of their Federation Fellowships. These fellowships are now coming to an end and we wish to celebrate the scientific, computing and engineering advances that were made during their projects.

A small party is planned from 3:00pm onwards on the Friday 13th of June in the break-out area near the ATNF lecture theatre in Marsfield. This party will include a few short talks summarising the projects followed by some food and drink. The Federation Fellowship projects have relied on numerous people who have supported the project in the areas of computing, engineering and administration and therefore we would like to invite all ATNF and AAO staff to attend this party.

For the purposes of sufficient catering, please RSVP to by June 5


Ilana Feain

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