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ASA 2011

18:00 Mon 04 Jul to 10:00 Sat 09 Jul 2011

University of Adelaide


The ASM will take place at the University of Adelaide 4-8 July 2011. Sessions will formally be held over a 4.5 day period from Monday 4 July, until about lunchtime on Friday 8 July and comprise the regular invited and contributed talks.

Given the number of new astronomical facilities coming online, discussion of current facilities in Australia and decadal mid-term review, we also aim to have several discussion sessions broadly aligned around a theme entitled "New Surveys for Australian Astronomy". We hope these will provide opportunities to touch on the exciting new projects with forthcoming radio and optical/IR astronomical facilities such as ASKAP, MWA, SKA, HERMES, Skymapper etc., future directions in Antarctic astronony, as well as future surveys by current facilities such as ATCA, AAO, Mopra, Parkes, Tidbinbilla etc. Activities in emerging areas such as high energy astronomy and gravitational wave astronomy are also anticipated. We encourage ASA members to consider submission of talks and/or posters geared to these topics.

The Friday afternoon is also available for further sessions if desired (for enquiries about this please contact the SOC chair Gavin Rowell).

Scientific Organising Committee:
Hayley Bignall (Curtin), Joss Bland-Hawthorn (Uni. Sydney), Michael Burton (Uni. NSW), Roger Clay (Uni. Adelaide), Bruce Dawson (Uni. Adelaide), Lisa Harvey-Smith (CASS, CSIRO), Helmut Jerjen (ANU), Sarah Maddison (Swinburne), Kevin Pimbblet (Monash), Gavin Rowell (Chair - Uni. Adelaide), Mark Wardle (Macquarie)

Local Organising Committee:
Jose Bellido, Roger Clay, Bruce Dawson, Phoebe deWilt, Brent Nicholas, Gavin Rowell (Chair), Greg Thornton

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