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Future Directions for Millimetre Astronomy in the Southern Hemisphere

18:00 Wed 29 Mar to 12:00 Sat 01 Apr 2006

SHIMS, Chowder Bay


UNSW and ATNF are organising a workshop to discuss future directions for Southern Hemisphere millimetre-wave astronomy. The next few years will see a number of new facilities available for use by the international astronomical community. This workshop is planned in order to discuss the directions their science programs may take, and the complementary aspects of the various facilities that will allow them to further their science programs through collaborative activities.

Confirmed invited speakers are:
Tony Beasley - ALMA Project Manager, Joint ALMA Office, Santiago, Chile
Yasuo Fukui - Nagoya University, Department of Astrophysics, Japan, for NANTEN2
Karl Menten - Director of Max-Planck-Institute for Radioastronomy, Bonn, Germany, for APEX
Mark Thompson - University of Hertfordshire, U.K., for SCAMPS Project

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