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Extragalactic/Intergalactic Magnetic Fields

Wed 07 Nov to Thu 08 Nov 2007

ATNF Marsfield Lecture Theatre


Magnetism plays a crucial role in astrophysics, and now features prominently in both observational and theoretical studies of Galactic
processes such as star formation and turbulence. However, the role and structure of magnetic fields on scales corresponding to entire galaxies, clusters, and the intergalactic medium is still not well understood. A host of new projects, including GALFACTS, Auger, LOFAR, MWA, Planck, ASKAP, and ultimately the SKA, will soon begin delivering all- sky measurements of Faraday rotation, cosmic rays and radio polarisation. These observations will provide new probes of magnetism on cosmological scales.

Confirmed speakers include:

* Roger Clay (U. Adelaide): "Constraints on astrophysical magnetic fields from ultra-high energy cosmic rays"
* Ilana Feain (ATNF) "The magnetic field structure of the closest radio galaxy"
* Bryan Gaensler (U. Sydney) "Extragalactic VLBI polarimetry using arcminute resolution radio data"
* Philipp Kronberg (U. Toronto / LANL) "Magnetic energy in the extragalactic universe"
* Richard Wielebinski (MPIfR) "Are magnetic fields in nearby galaxies different from our Milky Way?"

Please respond by email to if you are interested
in attending, along with a proposed title.

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Bryan Gaensler

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