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Hassled galaxy ‘thriving on chaos’

until 0600 AEDT Friday 11 March 2005 (1400 US Eastern Standard Time, March 10,
2005) in accordance with publication in Science.

An Australia Telescope radio image of the Large Magellanic
Cloud, overlaid with symbols indicating the magnetic field's strength and
direction at various positions. The filled green circles indicate places
where magnetic north is pointing toward us, while the open green circles
show locations where north is directed away from us. The larger the circle,
the stronger the magnetic field. The purple asterisks indicate positions
where the magnetic field was too weak to be measured. Background image:
S. Kim et al/ATNF.

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JPEG, 192K)





An Australia Telescope radio image of the Large Magellanic
Cloud. S.Kim et al / ATNF

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x 1181 JPEG, 1.6 MB)




An optical image of the LMC (not at the same scale as
the radio image). ©Anglo-Australian Observatory/Royal Obs. Edinburgh.
Photograph from UK Schmidt plates by David Malin.

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x 677 JPEG, 396K )

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Antennas of CSIRO's Australia Telescope Compact
Array. Photo: D. Smyth

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