Images for CSIRO media release:
Monster star blast ‘brighter than full moon’

until 0600 AEDT 19 February 2005 (1900 GMT 18 February)

Artist's impression of a shell of gamma-rays moving
away from SGR 1806-20 following the outburst, and sweeping across the Galaxy
until they interact with the Earth. Credit: NASA



Artist's impression of the rotating, highly-magnetised
neutron star which is SGR 1806-20, undergoing a 'quake' at its surface, resulting
in the gamma-ray outburst. Credit: NASA

Movie 2


Sequence of images based upon radio maps of the
expanding nebula produced by the outburst. This nebula is the result of ejected
matter moving at speeds of about 100,000 km/sec ramming into the surrounding
gas and dust. Credit: NRAO/CfA/Gaensler & Univ. of Hawaii.

Movie 3



Antennas of CSIRO's Australia Telescope Compact
Array. Photo: D. Smyth

High-resolution image