VENUE: Australia Telescope Compact Array, Narrabri.
DATES: 14-18 September 1998

The workshop aims to cover the fundamental concepts of interferometry and synthesis imaging, with particular emphasis on their application to radio astronomy. The target audience is graduate level students and other interested members of the astronomy community. No previous knowledge of synthesis is assumed.

More advanced topics in synthesis imaging and related fields will be covered as well. Practical demonstrations and examples will emphasise the operation of the Australia Telescope Compact Array.

The format of the workshop will be a series of lectures, followed by tutorials, very similar to previous workshops.

Graduate level students are particularly encouraged to attend and some financial assistance will be available.

Lectures and tutorials will be conducted at the ATCA site, from Monday morning 14th Sept. to Friday afternoon 18th Sept. Accommodation will be arranged in Narrabri and transport will be provided daily between the site and the town.

Registration deadline: 24 August 1998 !

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