Welcome to the February 2007 edition of the ATNF News.

In this issue's feature article, Lister Staveley-Smith discusses the 20-year history of supernova 1987A. Our front cover, printed for the first time in colour, presents a montage of images of the supernova obtained with the Compact Array over fourteen years.

Two science news items give status reports of on-going large Compact Array observing projects: A large-scale imaging survey of Centaurus A is described by Ilana Klamer and a first account of an optical and radio survey investigating the evolution of Southern Compact Groups of galaxies is given by Michael Dahlem.

On technical matters, Paul Roberts reports on the development of an analogue-to-digital converter board for the Compact Array Broadband Backend (CABB) upgrade, while Tim Cornwell, David McConnell and Mark Calabretta discuss the review of the Miriad data reduction software package and recent upgrades to it.

Elaine Sadler, the new Chair of the Australia Telescope Users Committee (ATUC) reports on the meetings held in June and October 2006.

The time assignment report includes advice for observers who may wish to submit proposals for large projects. Some changes to the proposal submission process will take effect from the next application deadline on 15 June 2007.

Sadly, shortly after his visit to the ATNF in late 2006, Jim Cohen passed away. James Caswell's tribute honours Jim for his many contributions, and especially as a leading contributor to the Parkes Methanol Multibeam Survey.

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Michael Dahlem, Jessica Chapman and Joanne Houldsworth
The ATNF Newsletter Production Team

Note added on 12 April 2007:

Due to an error at the printing stage, the contents of the article on "ATNF distinguished visitors" were not reproduced in the printed version of this newsletter. We apologise to our readers and to the author, Naomi McClure-Griffiths, for the oversight.