ATNF distinguished visitors

The ATNF has recently said farewell to a few long-term distinguished visitors. Jayaram Chengalur (NCRA, India) departed in December 2006, as did Bill Coles (UCSD, USA). We are fortunate to still have two long-term visitors: Andrea Lommen (Franklin & Marshall College, USA), who will stay at the ATNF until the end of June 2007, and Ger van Diepen (ASTRON, The Netherlands), who will stay until August 2007. We are expecting a number of shorter-term visitors over the next few months. Martin Cohen (Berkeley) will visit twice in the coming year, once in April and again in August. Phil Kronberg (LANL / U Toronto) will be visiting ATNF and the University of Sydney for three months from September 2007 and again for three months next year. We are also looking forward to hosting several short-term visitors, including Andrei Sobolev (Ural State University, Russia) and Georgij Rudnitskij (Sternberg Astronomical Institute, Russia), in conjunction with IAU Symposium 242, the "Astro-physical masers" meeting in Alice Springs in March.

Details of the ATNF visitor program can be found at the URL Visits are partially funded by the Distinguished Visitors and the Federation Fellows programs.

Naomi McClure-Griffiths
(on behalf of the Distinguished Visitors Committee)