This page has pointers to ATNF web pages useful to observers with problems relating to observations or data processing.

The following pages are useful if you wish to browse through problems identified and remedied. There is a search machine which is valuable if you have a problem which can be described in terms of a few key words.

The technical forums will also describe new facilities as they are brought on-line.

  1. CA-forum - compact array technical issues
  2. SD-forum - Mopra, Parkes (single dish)
  3. Bug reports  - This list identifies problems encountered and their solutions.
  4. The Narrabri Compact Array documentation
  5. Parkes Observatory documentation
  6. Focus Cabin Computer user guide
  7. Search tool ----- This only covers the epping web site. Its principal focus is the off-line processing arena.
  8. A narrabri web search machine, useful for CA operational matters will be installed in the near future,

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