Welcome to the Parkes Support Page

Information for Parkes observers how to raise an issue with Parkes

Method 1 (the easiest): Use email

The easiest way to lodge a problem or a general request about Parkes systems is by emailing to Parkes.Support_at_csiro.au (click here to open your default mail application in a new window or tab). Your email will go to our internal support system (based on JIRA) and someone will contact you if further information is required. Communication with the support system is usually done via email, for example your replies to the received JIRA emails are added as comments.

When you send a new email, in the subject write a small summary of the problem. In the body of the email describe the request or problem as detailed as possible and include information such as your observing location, OPAL project ID, time problem occurred (add the timezone) and contact phone number. Include screenshots if necessary as email attachments. Example:

To: parkes.support_at_csiro.au
Subject: Telescope control panel is unresponsive.

While observing source X, the TCS software became unresponsive. Attached a screenshot of the TCS panel.
Time problem occured: 1 Dec 2014 4:00pm AEDT
Time lost: 30min
Project Id: C999
Observing remotely from Hamilton Island Resort
Contact Phone number: 
   Your name

Method 2: Use web forms

Alternatively click the Raise an Issue button to lodge a problem or request. Complete the form as detailed as possible, including your name and contact email address.

Click on the Report RFI button If you know the problem is RFI, and complete the web form with your name, contact email address and all the RFI-specific information (bandwidth, frequencies, scale, type and direction).

Method 3: Use the standard JIRA web UI (requires CSIRO nexus credentials)

For CSIRO staff and affiliates, go to Parkes Support JIRA Web UI and login using your CSIRO nexus credentials. If you are observing with Parkes telescopes and have a CSIRO nexus account but never used it before, please ask our support staff on how to use it.

Searching the fault report database and RFI reports

Searching the existing database of defects/requests and RFI reports are only accessible via the Parkes Support JIRA Web UI, i.e. requires authenticated access via NEXUS credentials.