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12 May 08, 06:48pm Willem Baan, ASTRON: New Operations Plan 01 May 08, 12:50pm Lincoln Greenhill, Harvard & Smithsonian: Support for a radio astronomer at Tid 26 Apr 08, 02:38am Anonymous: No subject. 09 Apr 08, 07:51pm Andrea tarchi, INAF-Osservatorio Astronomico di Cagliari: Tidbinbilla 70-m 04 Apr 08, 05:57pm Michael Burton, University of New South Wales: Centralised Operations, Tidbinbilla and Millimetre-wave Operations 28 Mar 08, 03:03pm Peter Barnes, University of Sydney: Continued full mm operations at ATNF facilities **critical** for future science 20 Mar 08, 12:48am Stacy Mader, ATNF, Parkes Observatory: Removal of the Parkes OiC 20 Mar 08, 12:09am Stacy Mader, ATNF, Parkes Observatory: Mopra: toss of the coin? 18 Mar 08, 11:19am Miriam Baltuck, Director: NASA Operations and Canberra Deep Space Commuication Complex: Tidbinbilla operations 18 Mar 08, 08:48am Dave Jauncey, (via ATUC): The Price of Tidbinbilla Radio Astronomy 18 Mar 08, 12:53am Tasso Tzioumis, ATNF: LBA/VLBI issues 16 Mar 08, 05:07pm Juergen Ott, NRAO/Caltech: Operations of a constantly upgraded telescope 14 Mar 08, 11:21am Maxim Voronkov, ATNF Marsfield: Remote operations from the point of view of a part-time millimetre astronomer, who used to work at Narrabri 12 Mar 08, 04:27pm Frank Briggs, ANU: Walls to "the box" 11 Mar 08, 08:51pm Balt Indermuehle, ATNF Narrabri: Operation modes and the "Why remote control from Sydney" enigma revisited 10 Mar 08, 03:43pm Josh Grindlay, Harvard/CfA and chair, GLAST Users Group: World-class science enabled by Parkes MUST continue... 09 Mar 08, 07:40pm Juergen Ott, NRAO/Caltech: taking over responsibility 08 Mar 08, 05:14am Fernando Camilo: The Parkes OIC 06 Mar 08, 06:32pm Fernando Camilo: Proposed "streamlining" for Parkes operations 05 Mar 08, 04:58pm Fernando Camilo: Thoughts on the SOC 04 Mar 08, 02:20am Peter F. Michelson, Stanford University: The Parkes Observatory 03 Mar 08, 03:10pm Bryan Gaensler, The University of Sydney: How we do astronomy 03 Mar 08, 02:52pm Bryan Gaensler, The University of Sydney: Comments & concerns on operations document 03 Mar 08, 09:24am Sui Ann Mao, CfA/ATNF: A student's concerns regarding the future ATNF operation document 02 Mar 08, 02:05pm Duncan Lorimer, West Virginia Unversity: Future Parkes operations 01 Mar 08, 12:58pm Andrea Possenti, INAF-Osservatorio di Cagliari (ITALY): Science First ! (?) 01 Mar 08, 08:56am Ingrid Stairs, University of British Columbia: Future operations 01 Mar 08, 08:55am George Hobbs, ATNF: The "Future Operations" document 01 Mar 08, 04:37am David A. Smith, Centre d'Etudes Nucleaires de Bordeaux-Gradignan ( IN2P3 / CNRS ): Need for continuous smooth operations of the Parkes telescope during the GLAST era 01 Mar 08, 04:30am Michael Kramer, Jodrell Bank Observatory, University of Manchester: ATNF future operations and the future of Parkes 01 Mar 08, 12:09am David J. Thompson, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center; GLAST Large Area Telescope Multiwavelength Coordinator: ATNF future plans and the GLAST connection 28 Feb 08, 07:15pm Nichi D'Amico, Cagliari University, and National Istitute for Astrophysics, Italy: OPEN LETTER TO THE ATNF DIRECTOR 28 Feb 08, 05:38pm Naomi McClure-Griffiths, ATNF: Observer presence at the observatories 28 Feb 08, 02:11pm Jim Lovell, University of Tasmania: Tidbinbilla 27 Feb 08, 09:47am Simon Johnston, ATNF: Parkes and the future 25 Feb 08, 05:16pm Andrew Walsh, James Cook University: Science meetings and Mopra seasons 25 Feb 08, 10:10am Dick Manchester, ATNF: Principally future operations of Parkes 25 Feb 08, 09:49am Simon Ellingsen, University of Tasmania: Effect of Future Operations Plan on LBA and Parkes spectral line capabilities 22 Feb 08, 03:22pm Chris Wright, UNSW@ADFA: Future Operations: Some perspectives from a Millimetrist 21 Feb 08, 01:50pm John Dickel, Univ. of New Mexico: Mopra, reduced observing time, need for short ATNF spacings at cm wavelengths 20 Feb 08, 12:21pm Fernando Camilo, Columbia University: Future ATNF Operations: a radical and (so far) largely unjustified plan 19 Feb 08, 12:25pm Jessica Chapman, ATNF: ATNF Future Operations Discussion Forum