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    Future ATNF Operations (Version 1) was released on the web in February 2008. During March and early April 2008 we visited universities around Australia to discuss the future operations plans with the Australian user community. An open discussion was held at the ATNF in March 2008. Input on the ATNF operations plans was also received through a web forum.

    Community feedback was also received on the document ATNF Science Priorities: Science in 2010 - 2015 (Version 1).

    For the individual contributions to the web forum discussions see:

    Web forum feedback on ATNF Future Operations (Version 1)

    Web forum feedback received on ATNF Science Priorities: Science in 2010 - 2015 (Version 1)

    A joint ATNF and ATUC summary of the feedback received from the ATNF user community between February and June 2008 on the future operations plans, and an ATNF response to the feedback are available from the documents link below.

    For information and documents on the future operations plans and science priorities, please see the links below.

    Future ATNF Operations: Overview

    Future ATNF Operations: Documents.

    ATNF Science Priorities