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  • Basics of Radio Astronomy is a NASA site where you can download a free introductory text book on radio astronomy.
  • What is Radio Astronomy? This set of pages is from NRAO, the National Radio Astronomy Observatory, the American equivalent of Australia Telescope National Facility. It has some effective animations that show the different ways by which radio waves are produced plus answers to frequently asked questions.


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  • Stellarium is an excellent open-source free sky simulator and planetarium program. It is available for Windows PCs, Mac OSX and Linux machines.
  • Project CLEA have a (Windows only) free program Radio Astronomy of Pulsars that allows you to simulate radio observations of pulsars and the use of a radio telescope. The student manual has a structured sequence of activities.
  • Google Sky. This is the web-based version. It currently has optical, infra-red. X-ray and Gamma ray overlays for some regions of the sky.

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