Project resources will added here for download as they are developed. Please check back regularly for updates.

Resources Developed for the Wildflowers Project

  • Sunspotter Solar Observation Record Sheet, PDF file, 70 KB. Use this to quickly and easily record sunspot observations. It incorporates a grid to aid in measuring size and position of sunspots. Simply print out the sheet and trim around the outline box so that it fits on your Sunpotter®.
  • Moon Log, PDF file, 55 KB. This is a one-page log that allows you to observe and record the phases of the Moon. This gives you a Moon Journal that helps in discussing the relative positions of the Sun, Earth and Moon with respect to lunar phases.
  • Observing Log, PDF file, 74 KB. A one-page log where you can record your observations of an object, sketch what you saw and what equipment you used.
  • Junior Observing Log, PDF file, 68 KB, is a modified version of the observing log more suitable for younger Primary students.


There are several handy free software packages that are useful for project partners. The links will take you to the relevant homepage or site for these.

  • Celestia is 3D space simulator that allows you to fly through the Universe. The program is open source and available for Windows, Mac and Linux machines. It has a wealth of add-ons including extensive and detailed educational packages.
  • Orbitron allows you to predict and observe satellite passages overhead. A very powerful free (cardware) program (Windows only).
  • Stellarium is an outstanding open source sky simulator. It allows you to see what the sky looks like, day or night, from anywhere on the world or on other planets in the Solar System. You can use it to help plan viewing nights. It cames in versions for Windows, Mac and Linux machines. Updated versions are frequently available from the site.

Where to find out more

  • Horizon the Planetarium has a "What's Up Tonight?" section that covers each night for the upcoming week. It is accessible from their home page and tailored for Western Australia though much of it is usable anywhere.
  • produces a free monthly sky chart for the Southern Hemisphere that you can download and use.
  • Southern Sky Watch has an extensive range of information about what is up in the sky, lunar phases, where to find the planets upcoming astronomical events and more. Sky charsts can be downloaded and printed out. It is updated monthly.