The Effect of Synchrotron Losses on Multiple Diffusive Shock Acceleration

Don Melrose , Ashley Crouch, PASA, 14 (3), 251
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The Effect of Synchrotron Losses on Multiple Diffusive Shock Acceleration

Don Melrose tex2html_wrap_inline356
Ashley Crouch tex2html_wrap_inline358

tex2html_wrap_inline356 Research Centre for Theoretical Astrophysics, School of Physics, University of Sydney

tex2html_wrap_inline358 Department of Mathematics, Monash University


The effect of synchrotron losses on diffusive shock acceleration (DSA) at many shocks is treated numerically. Synchrotron losses determine a maximum energy to which electrons can be accelerated through DSA, and this is referred to as the synchrotron cutoff, tex2html_wrap_inline364. The distribution of accelerated electrons after many shocks is found (a) for a distribution injected at the initial shock, to tend a plateau (f(p) independent of tex2html_wrap_inline368), and (b) for the cumulative distribution from injection at each shock to tend to tex2html_wrap_inline370 with tex2html_wrap_inline372 well below the synchrotron cutoff with a peak in the slope (tex2html_wrap_inline374) at tex2html_wrap_inline368. It is suggested that the latter result might account for the flat synchrotron spectra observed in some Galactic Centre sources.

Keywords: Particle acceleration, flat synchrotron spectra, shock waves

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