Searching For Supernova Remnants

A. Walker, W.J. Zealey, PASA, 15 (1), 79
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Searching For Supernova Remnants

A. Walker
W.J. Zealey

University of Wollongong, Northfields Avenue, Wollongong, Australia, 2522,


The UKST/AAO Galactic Plane Htex2html_wrap_inline93 Survey has the potential to discover many new objects not visible on red plates taken in past surveys. Recent radio surveys have identified large numbers of new supernova remnants, very few of which have been optically identified. Here we will discuss our plans to use this survey to search for optical emission from both new and known supernova remnants. Observations of these objects in the optical and radio wavelengths will reveal important information about the physical and chemical properties of supernova remnants, and their role in the evolution of the galaxy. We also present a composite image of a newly discovered Htex2html_wrap_inline93 shell around the Coalsack, named the Coalsack Loop. This object has been detected in radio emission and may represent the remains of an old supernova remnant.

Keywords: surveys - ISM: bubbles - ISM: general - supernova remnants

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