A Search for Bright Kuiper Belt Objects

Michael J.I. Brown and R. L. Webster, PASA, 15 (2), 176
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A Search for Bright Kuiper Belt Objects

Michael J.I. Brown tex2html_wrap_inline210 and R. L. Webster tex2html_wrap_inline210

tex2html_wrap_inline210 School of Physics, University of Melbourne, Parkville, Vic 3052, Australia


Since 1992, 60 large Kuiper belt objects have been detected by ground-based telescopes. Previous surveys which have detected objects have searched approximately tex2html_wrap_inline216 and detected objects with magnitudes tex2html_wrap_inline218. However, the luminosity function of brighter Kuiper belt objects is not well determined. The detection of brighter objects would improve our ability to determine the Kuiper belt objects' surface composition and provide constraints on the population statistics of different formation mechanisms. This paper describes a survey of tex2html_wrap_inline220 of sky near the ecliptic to a limiting magnitude of tex2html_wrap_inline222. A slow moving candidate was detected near the magnitude limit of the survey.

Keywords: comets: general - solar system: general

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