Beauty and Astrophysics

Michael S. Bessell, PASA, 17 (2), 179.
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Beauty and Astrophysics

Michael S. Bessell

Research School of Astronomy & Astrophysics, Institute of Advanced Studies, Australian National University, Private Bag, Weston Creek PO, ACT 2611, Australia,$\sim$bessell


Spectacular colour images have been made by combining CCD images in 3 different passbands using Adobe Photoshop. These beautiful images highlight a variety of astrophysical phenomena and should be a valuable resource for science education and public awareness of science. The wide field images were obtained at SSO by mounting a Hasselblad or Nikkor telephoto lens in front of a 2Kx2K CCD. Options of more than 30 degrees or 6 degrees square coverage are produced in a single exposure in this way. Narrow band or broad band filters were placed between lens and CCD enabling deep, linear images in a variety of passbands to be obtained. We have mapped the LMC and SMC and are mapping the Galactic Plane for comparison with the Molonglo Radio Survey. Higher resolution images have also been made with the 40 inch telescope of galaxies and star forming regions in the Milky Way.

Keywords: techniques: image processing -- surveys --miscellaneous

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