Access to Astrophysical Research by Secondary Students

W. Bruce McAdam, PASA, 17 (2), 168.
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Access to Astrophysical Research by Secondary Students

W. Bruce McAdam 1

School of Physics, University of Sydney, NSW 2006 Australia


Astrophysics is an exciting and stimulating branch of physics which generates many new concepts, but giving school students access to these new ideas is difficult. I look at current ways of transferring ideas from Australia's 16 astronomical research centres to keen students across the continent. These include formal courses, science schools, visits to science centres, occasional lectures both within and outside schools, and work experience visits to the research centres. Few of these methods allow interaction between the research astronomer and the student. I outline new ways that we, as professional astronomers, can stimulate students before they reach (or bypass) university. We need an `information white hole' between our research world and the schools!

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