UBV Photometry of the Massive Eclipsing Binary TT Aur

S. Oezdemir, H. Ak, M. Tanriver, H. Guelsecen, \\
S. Guelsecen,
A. T. Saygac, E. Budding, O. Demircan.
, PASA, 18 (2), in press.
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UBV Photometry of the Massive Eclipsing Binary TT Aur

S. Oezdemir1, H. Ak1, M. Tanriver1, H. Guelsecen2,
S. Guelsecen2, A. T. Saygac2, E. Budding3,4, O. Demircan5.

1 Ankara University Observatory, Tandogan, Ankara, Turkey.

2 Istanbul University Observatory, Istanbul, Turkey.

3 Central Institute of Technology, PO Box 40740, Upper Hutt, New Zealand.

4 Carter Observatory, P.O. Box 2909, Wellington, New Zealand.

5 Canakkale Onsekiz Mart University, Physics Dept., Canakkale, Turkey.



UBV observations of the massive binary system TT Aur were carried out mainly at the Turkish National
Observatory (TUG). These observations, together with IUE spectra and times of eclipse minima collected from the literature, were used to study the system parameters. Simultaneous solution of the light curves by the Wilson-Devinney code allows a semi-detached configuration with a slightly larger Roche-lobe filling secondary. This picture is supported by other evidence. The shoulders of the primary minimum suggest some excess absorption, in keeping with circumstellar material in the form of a disk-like structure around the primary component. The deeper primary minimum in the U filter may indicate a hotter region on the secondary-facing hemisphere of the primary. The period variation of the system can also be related to the possible existence of a third component in a circular orbit around the system. An alternative detached representation is also considered using optimal curve-fitting techniques. We appeal for further observations to help resolve some outstanding issues in this interesting massive binary.

Keywords: stars: binaries -- stars: mass transfer -- binaries: close -- stars: individual (TT Aurigae) -- photometry: stars -- techniques: miscellaneous

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