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Parkes HI Observations: links, contact, tips, etc.

The 64-m Parkes Telescope is part of the Australia Telescope National Facility.

Important information for HI observers:

  • Parkes Radio Telescope Users Guide

  • Key contacts: Stacy Mader, Ettore Carretti (operations) and Paul Roberts (engineering) - more tbd

  • multibeam receiver (MB20) * Tsys, FWHM, gain, efficiency, pointing, etc.
  • Correlators

    • MBCORR: issues with start-up - Tobias et al. to summarise (P837)
    • The HI Parkes Swinburne Recorder (HIPSR) has been developed by a collaboration of: the Pulsar Group of the Swinburne University, Melbourne; ICRAR University of Western Australia, Perth; University of Oxford; and CASS. HIPSR is a new reconfigurable digital backend for the Parkes multibeam receiver with a maximum of 13 IFs, dual polarisation. HIPSR is capable of running many different firmware modes, so can be used for both high resolution, wide bandwidth spectral-line observations, and high time resolution pulsar observations. As of writing, there is only one mode of operations supported: this is BPSR high time resolution pulsar modes, used in the HTRU survey. HISPEC is a 8192 channel, 400 MHz bandwidth spectrometer for HI observations and is currently not supported. - Please contact Ettore Carretti for more information.

  • sensitivity calculator (select: 20cm Multibeam, MBCORR or HIPSR, once available, ObsMode is usually MB7 or MB13 (for mapping extragalactic HI emission), .... Examples: ...

HI Projects: links, coverage, catalogs, etc.

  • HI Single-Dish Surveys

    • HIPASS : The HI Parkes All-Sky Survey (-1280 < cz < +12700 km/s)

    • GASS : Galactic All Sky Survey (-400 < v_LSR < +500 km/s)

    • SGPS

Parkes HI Publications

The HI line: history, formulas, and more

  • ...

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