`Exploring the Radio Continuum Universe with SKA Pathfinders’

an Australian Academy of Science Elizabeth and Frederick White Conference

30th May to 1st June 2012 at CASS, Sydney


We invite you to attend the SPARCS2 meeting - a forum to coordinate and share expertise in radio continuum surveys during the era of the SKA pathfinders. This meeting is intended to be an active workshop of the SPARCS working group, but is open to any interested participant. This meeting is timed to fit in with two other meetings in the Sydney area: the EMU/ASKAP meeting in Sydney and the Southern Cross Conference Multiwavelength Surveys: a Vintage Decade meeting in the Hunter Valley

The SKA Pathfinders Radio Continuum Survey Working Group reports to the SKA Project and has the following aims:

  1. 1)To coordinate developments of techniques, to avoid duplication of effort and to ensure that each project has access to best practice.

  2. 2)To hold cross-project discussions of the specific science goals, and to ensure cross-fertilisation of ideas and optimum survey strategies.

  3. 3)To coordinate the surveys in their choice of area, depth, location on the sky, and other survey parameters, to maximize the science return from the surveys.

We would like to thank the following institutes for their support.


Key Dates:

1st Feb 2012

21st Feb 2012

5th April 2012

28/29th May 2012 

30th May to

   1st June 2012

4th-8th June 2012


Contact: Nick Seymour

The 2nd SKA Pathfinders Radio Continuum Surveys Workshop

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EMU meeting Sydney


Southern X Conference: Multiwavelength Surveys: a Vintage Decade