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This web site was created by Ray Norris as a spin-off from the Aboriginal Astronomy Project (see link on the left). This work and the field trips that went into this site are mainly privately funded, although some resources are provided by CSIRO, who also host it - many thanks, CSIRO!

I set it up because, in the course of studying the astronomy of the aboriginal rock engravings, I was amazed to find that most Sydneysiders had no idea that these wonderful works of art were on their doorstep. Furthermore, when people became interested and wanted to know more, or get some pictures, I had nowhere to point them except for the excellent book by Stanbury & Clegg, which is now very hard to find in bookshops. However, this web site only contains a tiny fraction of the information available in Stanbury & Clegg, and anyone seriously interested is strongly advised to track down a copy. For example, a copy seems to come up on eBay every few weeks.

This site would be nothing without the photographs, which have involved numerous field trips by myself, my son and photographic guru, Barnaby Norris, and my amazingly tolerant and supportive wife, Cilla Norris.

Ray & Cilla Norris. Incredibly corny photo courtesy of Seth Shostak.


Any comments, suggestions, or corrections for this site would be very welcome. Please email them to me at Ray.Norris (at) csiro.au. I would also welcome any particularly good photos, which I am happy to post here with (of course) full attribution to the photographer.

All material on this page © Ray Norris 2007 except where otherwise indicated.
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