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Books on Rock Engravings

By far the most useful book on all aspects of Sydney Rock Engravings is:

"A Field Guide to Aboriginal Rock Engravings", by Peter Stanbury & John Clegg, Oxford University Press, 1990. Reprinted in 1996 and 2000. ISBN 0 19 554021 2

Other useful books with additional information as well as some excellent pictures and details of some of the sites are:

"Footprints on Rock", by T. & N. Popp and Bill Walker, 1997, published by Metropolitan Local Aboriginal Land Council, Sydney. ISBN 0 7313 1002 0

"The Riches of Ancient Australia" by Josephine Flood, 1990, UQP, ISBN 0 7022 2259 3

“Sydney’s Aboriginal Past”, by Val Attenbrow, UNSW Press, 2002.

“Aboriginal Sydney”, by M. Hinkson, 2001, published by AIATSIS, ISBN 0 85575 370 6

There are also a number of academic publications on rock engravings, but the interested reader is referred to the bibliography in Stanbury & Clegg.



Web links

Interpretation of Rock Art, by Robert Bednarik

Wollemi Rock Art, by Paul Tacon

Snames and Science, by John Clegg & Michael Barry

The Archaeology of The Dharawal People of NSW

Rock Art Gallery, by Brookvale Public School

Australian Rock Art Research Association



More detailed publications

Bednarik, R.G., 1998, "The technology of Petroglyphs", Rock Art Research, 15, 23-35. Discusses the tools, techniques, and classifications of petroglyphs and rock engravings.


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