List of well-known Aboriginal Rock Engraving Sites
(arranged from North to South)

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Five-decimal-digit latitudes and longitudes are accurate to about four metres, and refer to WGS84 datum.

Name Description Latitude Longitude
Calga Springs In "Australian Walkabout Park" (entry fee payable) is a beautiful speared emu on a rock ledge looking to the West. Nearby is a cave with red-ochre stencilled hands. Just up the hill is a wallaby and a crescent.

33.42594 (emu)

33.42582 (wallaby)

151.21862 (emu)

151.21907 (wallaby)

Girrakool Just off the F3 freeway, in Brisbane Waters National Park, is a delightful spot with some modest rock engravings. 33.43221 151.27818
Bulgandry In Brisbane waters NP, at Bulgandry on Woy Woy Road. Wonderful site with many beautiful carvings, including "Bulgandry" himself. 33.45372 151.28590
Woy Woy On a beautiful rock shelf overlooking Woy Woy is a fascinating collection of animals and symbols, including a strange set of "rabbits". 33.47585 151.29257
Maroota 1 (Old Northern Road)

(under construction)

Round sandstone next to main road, with several large but faint carvings.

33.47804 151.01083
Resolute engravings, Kuringai NP Starting from the Resolute picnic area, the track takes you first to the paintings at Red Hands Cave, then to some rock engravings (600 m along the track), then to a shelter site. There are two engravings to L and R of the platform at the Resolute site 33.58179 151.29891
Basin Track, Kuringai NP Superb rock engravings, including figures of people, fish and kangaroos. Probably the most photographed carvings in NSW! 33.59297 151.28230
Berowra Waters Unusual vertical rock with a complex of carvings. 33.59699 151.12550
America bay track, Kuringai NP

(under construction)

Just off the path, near the start of the track. In a small clearing is a flat rock with several enormous engravings

33.60017 151.27156
Berowra Heights (under construction) 33.607 151.133
Topham Track, Kuringai NP (under construction) 33.617 151.262
Lovers & Whale, Kuringai NP A sadly damaged and difficult-to-reach site for the intrepid and dedicated. 33.62530 151.26162
Elvina Track, Kuringai NP Enormous site with many engravings 33.64365 151.26398
Mount Kuringai Aboriginal area

(under construction)

Large rock between railway and pacific highway with an enormous Baiame, and footprints with many toes.

33.64907 151.13708
Shaws Creek, Hawkesbury Lookout

(under construction)

Two leaping kangaroos accompanied by a dingo, but the dingo is probably modern.

33.66196 150.65692
Gibberagong Track A small but interesting engraving site together with a number of axe-grinding grooves, a pleasant 10-minute walk from the Bobbin Head car park. 33.66663 151.15597
Terrey Hills emu site A solitary emu on a ledge with beautiful views over Cowan Water, but probably not an aboriginal engraving! 33.66804 151.17443
Bobbin Head Track A beautiful engraving site just a few metres from the well-walked Bobbin Head Track, and an easy 20 minutes from your car. 33.67735 151.15934
Terrey Hills Hunting site A beautiful small site with a well-endowed man, two kangaroos, and two women. Possibly a ceremonial hunting site. 33.69550 151.21025

(under construction)

At end of Quarter Session Road, on NW corner of loop of road, wooden sign next to road.

33.6997 151.0767
Tycehurst Park, Faulconbridge

On a ledge overlooking the Blue Mountains are three emus, and a number of mundoes and axe-grinding grooves.

33.70565 150.52417

Kangaroo St., Lawson

A single kangaroo in good condition on a flat rock in a small reserve, close to road and houses.

33.71561 150.44421
Wheeler heights (under construction) 33.73264 151.2554
Bantry Bay Large engraving site on the edge of the Garigal National Park, with a wide range of engravings, including animals, people, symbols, and a whale. 33.7670 151.2335
Gumbooya Located in residential suburban Allambie heights, in a fenced off reserve with views over Sydney Harbour. Includes an enormous whale and many smaller engravings. 33.7748 151.2607
Grotto Point

(under construction)

A well-maintained engraving site, with several engravings, located on a headland overlooking North Harbour.

33.816 151.262
Balls Head Reserve

(under construction)

Headland reserve in Sydney harbour with an important engraving site, plus a midden and rock shelter.

33.843 151.195
Berry Island Reserve (under construction) 33.840 151.189
Bondi Golf Course

Horizontal engravings marked by local council

33.88618 151.28533
Ben Buckler, Bondi A solitary turtle, the regrooved remains of a large site 33.89288 151.28291
Tamarama A beautiful large engraving of a shark and fish next to the Tamarama-Bondi cliff path 33.89924 151.27547
Jibbon Head, near Bundeena (under construction) 34.082 151.168
These are just a few of the thousands of aboriginal engraving sites around Sydney. The traditional owners and their representatives have asked that the locations of other sites be kept private to protect them and maintain their sanctity.
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