Ben Buckler (Bondi) Engraving Site
The remains of a small site at the North end of Bondi beach, sadly re-grooved by the Waverley Council.

Facts & Figures

Latitude 33.89288° S

Longitude 151.28291° E

UBD ref 258B4


This small engraving of a turtle is the last remnant of what was once a major engraving site. It has been re-grooved by the local council, and to make matters worse someone has scratched their initals on the head.

Cambell in 1899 recorded four other engravings at this site - a whale, a snake or eel, and two shields.



To get there

Drive North along Cambell Parade (the main road along Bondi Beach), and just past the lights at the North end of the beach, turn right into Ramsgate Avenue. Go past the surf club, carefully navigating the double- and triple-parked cars jostling for the few parking spaces, and follow Ramsgate Avenue to the end, where there is a small car park. Park there if you can, and follow the path down into Ray O'Keefe Reserve. Just to the left of the white steps down to mermaid rocks is a small engraving, the last remannt of what was a large engraving site.


For more information

Attenbrow, 2002, "Sydney's Aboriginal Past", p.170.

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Image of the engraving site.

Plan of the site, before it was re-grooved, adapted from Campbell (1899)



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